Please take the card to sense after the “ Auto Lock / General Lock Mode is in General Mode, normally, this is due to the user has not closed the door when testing the Auto Lock !
The system will decide the card is written or not, all the relevant setting will not be changed。
This means the battery is weak and need to be replaced at once to avoid door opening
Besides, in case of battery dead, the system will lock automatically in order for your home safety !
1. Password different from 2 settings
2. After key in the pin without the contact of RFID card and the door lock, log in will be the final password.
3. Please make sure the RFID card setting is completed ? If yes, the sensor panel of the door lock will show green light!
1.Please check if the card is damage or crack。
2.Please make sure the card has RFID function
3. Has it reached to the maximum of 32 cards loading ? if yes, please reset to factory setting in order to new card set up!